Elementary Teacher Resources


Harris, Michael. Trains, Anness Publishing Ltd., London, England. 2001, ISBN # 9 780754808374

Kaner, Etta. Bridges, Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto, Canada, 1994,
ISBN # 1-55074-146-2 Excellent resource available at libraries or online at second-hand book stores; well worth the purchase

Livesey, Robert & Smith, A.G. The Railways, Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd., Toronto, Canada. 1997, ISBN # 0-7737-5901-8

Stille, Darlene. Trains, Children’s Press, New York, USA, 1997, ISBN # 0-516-26178-9

The Railroad Press. Children’s Railroad Learning & Activity Book,
Hanover, PA.  2005.  ISBN #1-931477-06-X Many fun and educational activities for childrenwww.alco628.com

Web Sites


1.    PBS-Building Big: Bridges

2.    Geometry of bridge construction- 4 kinds of bridges and some combinations with photos, as well as the early history of bridge building

3.    www.howstuffworks.com/bridge.htm

4. Nova Online
www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/bridge/ or

5.    Bridge of the Month Quiz-photos of different bridges for the viewers to try to identify

6.    Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

7.    Lesson Plans Library

8. www.juliantrubin.com/encyclopedia/engineering/suspension_bridge.html

9.    www.crayola.com/crafts/detail/suspension-bridge-craft/

Victoria Bridge:

1.    www.mccord-museum.qc.ca/en/
Select “Keys to History”, “Collections” and then type in “Victoria Bridge” in the search box.


1.    Bridges
a.    bitsandpiecescanada.ca has Leonardo Da Vinci Designer Models-Swing Bridge(#46350)
b.    Boreal.com has a K’NEX Intro to Structures: Bridges(#63797 M 00), as well as a K’NEX Education Real Bridges Set(#66700 M 01).

2.    Simple Machines
a.    Bitsandpiecescanada.ca has Leonardo Da Vinci designer Models-a catapult(#46351) as well as a marble maze students can build and rebuild called “The Gear Master”(#43702) as well as “The Executive Gear Master”(#43701).
b.    Boreal.com has a K’NEX Education Intro to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys(#63797 M 01); K’NEX Education Intro to Simple Machines:Wheels/Axles & Inclined Planes(#63797 M 03); K’NEX Education Intro to Simple Machines: Gears(#63797 M 02); K’NEX Education Simple Machines Deluxe(#46228 M 00); K’NEX Education Motorized Simple Machines Kit(#69394 M 01); K’NEX Education Exploring Machines Set(#66700 M 00); Investigating Simple Machines Kit(#1802 M 24); Simple Machines Kits(#46413 M 00); Discover Simple Machines Kits(#65559 M 05); Pulley Activity Kit(# 1805 M 09); Simple Machines Poster Series (#1805 M 05); Force and Simple Machines Kit(#1762 M 87); Wheel and Axle(#63608 M 00); Pulley Demonstration Set(#1751 M 86); Advanced Pulley Demonstration Set(#1751 M 91); Pulleys (#62787 M 00, #62788 M 00, #66723 M 36, #66720 M 90,)

3.    Trains
a.    Boreal.com has 2 steam engines: High RPM Steam Engine (#63030 M 00); Steam Engine Models(#60962 M 00)

Model Train Associations

Montreal Railroad Modelers Association (514-861-6185)