The Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation


The Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation was created in 2004 to commemorate the ship built at Quebec in 1847 by the Scottish shipwright John Munn. A recreated version of the ship visited Montreal in 2003. The original Jeanie Johnston carried Irish Immigrants  to Canada in the 1850’s without loss of life. The Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that promotes studies of Canada  in relation to literacy, immigration, history, and active citizenship.


Premier Jean Charest Welcomes The Jeanie Johnston to Montreal



His Excellency Ray Basset
Ambassador of Ireland to Canada

M. Daniel Johnson, QC.
Former Premier of Quebec

M. Pierre Marc Johnson, QC.
Former Premier of Quebec

Richard Pound, OC. OQ. QC. LLD.
Former Chancellor, McGill University

André Gervais, QC.
Past President Canadian Bar Association

Patrick Buckland, Ph.D. 

Elaine Marcil,  Ph.D.

Chris Culpin, M.A. Oxon.

Lindsay Allison, M.S. Oxon.

François Morin, Attorney

Brian Young, Emeritus
Prof. History, McGill
Kevin O’Donnell, B.A.

Ben Walsh, B.A.

William Weintraub, OC.

ChairpersonLeo Delaney, CH. Vice ChairmanSam Allison, M.A.

Legal Council: François Morin, LLD, Borden,Ladner, Gervais LLP.


The Jeanie Johnston Education Foundations’s (JJEF), first website, “Following the Great Famine” was created by prominent history teachers from Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. The second project was a 4-page insert in the Montreal Gazette called “Champlain’s Gazette”, published October 2008. A series of learning activities for teachers in Quebec, “Quick ‘N Easy” was created in conjunction with LEARN.


Sam Allison B.Sc. (LSE)
M.A. (McGill)
Project Coordinator for JJEF, Quebec History
Educator of 2004, Author of History and Economics
School textbooks. Retired history teacher. Adjunct
Professor McGill.
Chris Culpin M.A.

Director Schools History Project 1982-2009.
Author and editor of over 60 books for schools.
Web writer. Learning Curve (British National
Library and Archives. 
Ben Walsh B.A. Researcher, BECTA (British Educational &
Communication Technology Agency). Author of
The Struggle for Peace in Northern Ireland and
other books on world history. Adviser, East
European History Project. Web writer. 
Patrick Buckland Ph.D. Director, Ireland In Schools Project (British-Irish
Ministries of Education). 
Elaine Marcil Ph.D. Teacher, author and expert on Quebec timber and
shipbuilding industries.  
Leslie Walker Ph.D. Researcher, British National Archives and Library.
Lindsay Allison B.A.
(McGill) Dip. (Osaka)
M.A. (Queens) M.S. (Oxon.) 
History Consultant JJEF.
Kevin O’Donnell B.A. Author, President Quebec Local History
Marianna O’Gallagher Author and lecturer, books on Grosse Isle, Quebec
City, and the Canadian Irish. 


Michael Rice B.A. Native Peoples Coordinator
Joan Crossley

M.A. Elementary Advisor
Karen Young M.A. Elementary Coordinator
Ken Robertson M.A. Elementary Maths Coordinator
Andy Agostino Ph.D. Media, I.T. Advisor
Jens Holm M.A. Secondary History Coordinator
Danielle Couture B.A. Secondary Science Advisor
Annette Languay B.A. Secondary Science Advisor
Michel Hellman B.A. Artis, Cartoonist
Blanche Havel M.A. Special Needs Coordinator
Alice Havel Ph.D. Special Needs Advisor
Heather Anderson M.A. Executive Assistant


McGill Rare Book Room
Can. Library & Nat. Archives
Statistics Canada
Glenbow Museum
McCord Museum
Exporail, Saint-Constant
Mechanics Institute of Montreal
Gazette Picture Library


Emigrant Support Program, Irish Government
Howard Webster Foundation
Irish Protestant Benevolent Society, Montreal
Power Corporation
VIA Rail

Advisory Panel

Richard Pound, Former Chancellor, McGill University, author of numerous history books including Canadian Facts and Dates, represented Canada on the IOC
Brian Young, Emeritus Professor of History, McGill University, author of numerous books including Diverse Pasts, the approved secondary school textbook for History.
Alice Havel, Special Needs Education Advisor JJEF, coordinator of Student Activities Centre, Dawson College (services for students with physical & learning disabilities), Director of the Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Quebec Montreal Chapter, research team member of the Adaptive Technical Research Network for Canadian College students with disabilities.