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Canada was shaped by railways from the 1830s to the 1920s, and everyday life was radically altered. This site explores areas that are not usually associated with the railway: sport, religion, immigration, and the Monarchy. For instance, the McGill Rules were only one of the many sets of rules created for hockey in the 1850’s-1900’s. However, Montreal was Canada’s major rail centre. McGill played in so many hockey leagues, thanks to the railway, that McGill’s rules became the standard way to play.We bring history of railways to life through our online resources for schools.

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History of Victoria Bridge – 1860
What are the Royal Links to Canadian Railways?

“Crossing the Columbia” Painting by David A. Oram, Acrylic, 30″x 44″, 2002

“Royal Northern” Painting by David A. Oram, Acrylic, 24″x 35″, 1998