The railways revolutionized technologies that impacted everyday life.


The railway completely reinvented our perception of the world around us.


The railways changed the fundamentals of how society viewed itself.

How the Railway Changed Canada

The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) across Canada in the 1880s linked the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Western Canada grew because of this railway. Less obviously, the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) of the 1850s also shaped Canada. The old British North America of the 1850s became the Canada of the 1860s onwards. The GTR united what is now Quebec and Ontario, and allowed them year round access to an ice free port in Portland, Maine. The success of the GTR partly explains why the Maritime Provinces united with Quebec and Ontario in the Confederation of 1867. The old rural colonies of British North America evolved into urban industrial centers thanks largely to the railway.